12 Misconceptions About Queer Girls I Want To Clear-up Immediately

12 Misconceptions About Queer Ladies I Would Ike To Get Rid Of Now

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12 Misconceptions About Queer Females I’d Like To Get Rid Of Right Now

As a queer woman, I notice countless silly situations on a semi-regular foundation. I’m always happy to inform the genuinely interested, provided that they may be sincere, however, many regarding the myths revolving around queer ladies, lesbians, and bisexuals are grounded on lack of knowledge. Next time somebody asks you a ludicrous question about your sex, send them to this. Its a convenient self-help guide to grab when a person attempts to decay you with an idiotic misconception.

  1. No, using a vibrator does not mean queer women desire knob.

    We hear this debate so often this can make me personally wish to shove dildos in my ears to ensure that There isn’t to hear it once again. See, a dildo is certainly not like a penis, not really. A number of them are molded like penises, but that contains a lot more related to female anatomy than the penis it self. Queer females make use of dildos and vibrators for the same reason direct ladies do: they never get exhausted, you can replace the electric batteries if they do, and have never difficulty locating the clitoris.

  2. No, lesbians aren’t lesbians because we never ever found ideal guy.

    Every queer lady I know provides heard this insulting declaration, especially the women who have been in same-sex interactions. Most of them, like myself personally, spent plenty of time matchmaking men. They never came across the best man since they, just like me, were said to be looking just the right woman nonetheless did not understand it yet. Personally, I have no aspire to continue sex with men only to ensure that “the right choice” isn’t really out there someplace, looking forward to a lesbian to bone him.

  3. No, ladies hate women because a dude broke our minds.

    Women who select various other women desirable never do this because we can’t get guys or because we lost a man or because a guy broke up with us. Liking girls actually a consolation award, neither is it an option. Occasionally, a breakup makes a lady open the woman sight and recognize that she actually is not satisfied, but a broken center never “turned” any person gay. Lose me thereupon, please.

  4. No, we’re not queer considering sexual assault or rape.

    You can’t create some body want a same-sex connection. Sexual assault is actually harmful and confusing, completely, and I declare that as a survivor. Too many ladies are. Everything I experience had nothing in connection with my personal attraction toward women, though. Never look for a scapegoat to explain away all of our sex. That is not gonna work.

  5. No, queer ladies don’t dislike males.

    Do a little queer ladies detest men? Probably. Is it because those women are homosexual? Nope. Most lesbians and bisexual women can be completely cool discussing the world with our bros. We don’t wish to have intercourse with you, but that hardly suggests we dislike you. If that’s how you feel, then the issue most likely is with you.

  6. No, certainly us is not “the person” additionally the different one isn’t “the lady.”

    Which is some heteronormative BS right there. Two women in a connection don’t have to belong to the same parts as a traditional heterosexual couple. Hell, men and a female in a relationship won’t need to fall into those classes, sometimes. They may be arbitrary and obsolete. Two femme females is in a relationship in the same manner quickly as two butch women, or certainly one of each. They may even proceed through phases. Who understood?

  7. No, lesbians and bisexuals who like butch women are maybe not directly.

    I am butch, my partner wants me personally, I am convinced she’s perhaps not directly. It’s an aesthetic, a mindset, an attitude. It is not penis-envy. Women that like females and therefore are drawn to androgynous or masculine-presenting women still like women, you search?

  8. No, femme queer women can be perhaps not confused.

    The theory that
    feminine-presenting queer women
    are only puzzled or going right through a period is actually ridiculous. How a female clothes doesn’t have anything related to her sex. Neither does the lady make-up. People are frequently astonished my partner is actually hitched to a female because she is incredibly girly, but that is because she wants to wear beauty products and do her tresses. She additionally loves boobies and vagina. In which’s the correlation?

  9. No, only a few queer females have actually daddy dilemmas.

    Really don’t actually understand this one, to be honest, but i am asked, because has each alternate queer woman I’m sure. It would possibly take place, however it doesn’t constantly, so when it can, the paternal dilemmas have nothing to do with sex. If it happened to be the case, I’d like males because my dad will be the bomb.

  10. No, the lesbians cannot hire U-Hauls to their 2nd dates.

    This option is really silly. It is variety of insulting, also. We hold back until the 3rd time. The second date is actually reserved for trimming all of our fingernails.

  11. No, not all queer females burn all of our bras.

    That is to say, not all of you recognize as feminists or revolutionaries. Perform many of us? You bet the nice ass we perform. But meet up with a queer girl and immediately believe that she is Gloria Steinem’s long-lost child is simply a number of stereotyping bollocks.

  12. No, bisexual women do not want to have a threesome with you.

    What exactly is it with others making the assumption that
    all bisexuals tend to be into threesomes
    , in any event? Bisexual women can be perhaps not sexual accessories. They cannot occur to satisfy a fantasy or improve your sad, flagging sex-life. Get a hold.

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